Young anthropologist forum (YAF) attempts to provide a platform to the upcoming anthropologists in India for exchange of ideas and sharing of ongoing research findings at the level of the M.Phil and Ph.D. This would be done through creation of a network spreading all over India including all university departments and research institutes where Anthropology is taught and practiced. The main purpose is to initiate an academic culture that will instill international competitiveness in dealing with task of publications, peer reviews, referral comments, seminars and discussion groups providing critical comments of contemporary relevance.

Who are Eligible:
1. Post graduates students enrolled in Anthropology and allied disciplines.
2. Scholars registered for M.Phil. and Ph.D programmes.
3. Post doctoral fellows and research scientists.
4. Ad-hoc /Temporary lecturers and guest faculties in Anthropology.
5. Assistant Professors at entry level.

Membership fees:
The Nominal fees of Rs 500/- for two years shall be collected towards expenditure incurred on meetings, conferences, discussions, group and academic competitions, certificates, postage communications etc. Indian Anthropological Association shall provide some seed money for website hosting, publications of newsletters and honorariums for inviting speakers and visiting fellows.

1. To connect the research scholars of different universities and research institutes of India by creating the network of scholars.
2. To organize discussion groups, debates, seminars, talks, exhibitions, anthropological quizzes and other competitions among youths.
3. To bring out newsletters carrying the details of the past and the future activities relevant to anthropology.
4. To publish journals on research proceedings reflecting the cutting edge research carried out by the scholars before obtaining their research degrees.
5. To pursue the disciplinarian goal in politically neutral, ethically sensitive and culturally relativistic manner.
6. To carry out any such activities that would further the professional and academic interest of the young anthropologists.

A national team of volunteers comprising of 15 scholars will be organized to act as members of steering committee which shall elect one convener and two coordinators. Under the academic supervision of the President IAA and executive administrative control of council of IAA, the steering committee shall be responsible for the overall management of the forum and its day to day activities.
• The volunteers will be from all branches of (biological, social, prehistoric and linguistic) Anthropology and from all geographical zones of India (North, South, East, West, Central and North East).
• The term of the steering committee shall be initially for a period of two years which can be further extended by another term.
• Activities shall be carried out not only in Delhi but also in different parts of India from time to time.

On 1st April 2012, the first announcement for the formation of such a network was announced by Prof S.M. Patnaik, President, Indian Anthropological Association during a business meeting of IAA convened specifically for this purpose. Prof. James Fairhead, President, Association of Social Anthropologist of United Kingdom and Common Wealth (ASA) was present in the meeting and announced unconditional support in any endeavor the young scholars would undertake in future.